Hi, my name is Sam and I created Koinos while completing my Executive MBA at Cornell, to bring people together and strengthen communities.

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Our vision is a renewed world where everyone lives in vibrant communities.

We believe this is achievable by connecting executives and entrepreneurs to create economic opportunities.

So, we are building the preferred platform for Top MBA grads to connect with each other via The Koinos Community.

How to engage our community


“The first service one owes to others in a community involves listening to them.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Koinos Podcast is a show that interviews executives and entrepreneurs from the world’s leading full-time and executive MBA programs.

Break Bread

In the autumn of 2019, I was coordinating small group dinners with after parties in NYC with my friends from Cornell, Columbia and NYU’s Executive MBA programs. They were called ‘DinnerPaloozas’ and our very first blog post describes exactly what we were doing. Check out the blog post here.

Demand for the events increased and logistics for handling 20+ dinner parties on the same evening at different restaurants became unwieldy. So, I assembled a small team of co-founders, designers and engineers to create a product that would streamline the sign up process, automate the dinner group matching with machine learning algorithms, handle reservation logistics and connect guests to each other for improved communication channels. We boot strapped a minimally viable product and were about to go to market in April 2020, until COVID-19 happened. If you’re interested to learn more about what we built, please connect with me on LinkedIn to start the conversation! But until we think it’s truly safe for our dinner parties to continue, these events will be on hold until further notice. Stay tuned for more details!


A Koinos Mastermind Group connects 4-to-6 alumni from the world’s leading MBA programs to help each other achieve their definite chief aims.  Each mastermind group commits to meeting weekly for three-months, building up and sharpening each other with the curriculum’s core pillars of thought, energy and action. Every session, facilitated by a member of the Koinos team, brings group members closer to achieving their career or start up goals. 

This experience is intended to provide members of the mastermind group with accountability, advice, encouragement and feedback to drive towards their primary life purpose.  As a result, members will generate positive outcomes in their lives and create economic opportunities in the communities they serve. 

The program is inspired from concepts written by Bob Goff, John C Maxwell, Don Clifton, Napoleon Hill, and other prominent teachers of psychology, sociology and culture formation.

To learn more, please request to connect with me on LinkedIn and add a note about the mastermind group!


Our community chat channel is coming soon!

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